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Nvidia GeForce GT 555M on Dell XPS L702 Complications

I am having difficutly launching X with an externally attached monitor with the Nouveau drivers, but it looks like using the Nvidia controller drivers is out of the question as well.

My only error is related to the GLX module, but I
I have removed all nouveau sources and verified that the only packages left are using the following methods:

rpm -qa *\nouveau\*
 -| no output
rpm -qa *\kernel\*
 -| currently running 3.19.1-201.fc21.x86_64
rpm -qa *\nvidia\*

   - | based upon the installation of the akmod-nvidia

I used the akmod-nvidia package for deployment of the 346.47

Review the system info in this paste at fedoraproject

My next step is a rebuild of the akmod-nvidia to see if I can get the swrast_dri.so to build.