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Today marks the last day before we drive in to the state of Tennessee. I continue to be a little concerned over the time commitments I will have to make in assisting my sister in her battle against breast cancer, but I am hopeful that our journey will begin there and time for each of my favorite past times will grow with her continued success in this fight. Deanna is a fighter. I can only provide support to this battle-tough woman who faces the suffering and pain of others every day in her daily work, then deals with her own in her off time. I am often humbled by her fortitude.

I am looking at the work related to Docker more and more. After helping Luke to become a package maintainer for etcd and watching it be (rightly so!) swallowed in to Red Hat production by the cloud infrastructure team, I am newly invigorated as a mentor. When my time opens up, I look forward to spending a good amount of my free time on the fourth floor of the Chattanooga library working on my own projects and assisting with the projects of others. I hope to see you there. I will try to spend my time prompting young minds to create using the Fedora Project's features as much as possible.

For leadership, Chattanooga could not be better served than they are right now by Mayor Andy Berke. It was my pleasure to meet with him during the beginning of Code for America's work in the Chattanooga area. I found him engaging and a true listener. His pride swelling with the initiation of great works for the community, not his own personal accomplishments. His active participation in community education and city growth will keep Chattanooga moving in the right direction. My only request to Andy, "Don't forget the arts" already working to raise the consciousness of the citizenry.

So we'll be there soon, less than 24 hours and we'll see what is next. Clean up, healing, community, and love. The greatest of these is love. I think . . . love in the form of a Linuxfest!