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I am very happy to report a successful first event as a Fedora ambassaador at the Texas LinuxFest. The event lasted only one day. Booth participants were Max Spevack, Adam Miller, Scott Collier, Julio Villareal, and myself. We took turns manning the booth in groups of two. Our booth was a simple table with two chairs and a white tablecloth was transformed with the event kit into a wonderful playland for new and old Fedora users.

Max and Adam in the booth.

Adam and I had our own little installfest with a fellow whose Dell laptop was running Windows. He told us that his wireless networking was the problem. It took almost an hour to find a suitable internet connection to get the appropriate firmware for his BCM4312 wireless device. Once Adam installed and built the DKMS module for the wireless card and the laptop was on the wireless network, the gentleman paraded his laptop around to other tables showing them how Adam had made his laptop work with wireless. He called Adam "the Fedora guy". It was a small triumph, but apparently it had a serious affect on this gentleman, an Educator from the local area.


The XO laptops were a very big hit. A local developer, Mikus Grinbergs, gave us a fantastic overview of his work as a developer for the platform and even showed us how his was running a full Fedora installation. One gentleman even used Inkscape to create a handmade version of the fedora logo.


Adam also brought a tablet pc running Fedora 12.

The fantastic feature of this tablet PC with fedora 12 is that it just works. People were enamored with the tablet and the little Sony Vaio handheld that Julio brought for show.


I went to only two talks, but I happened to catch Max's talk on the role of academia in the digital world. His discussion was amazing and his management skills really showed as he sculpted a conversation surrounding key ideas in academic development and process. He pointed out the importance of Professional OpenSource Software Experience in the educational process. Max pointed out some of the efforts he was directly familiar with and some that he considered laudable. His presentation was, in my opinion, flawless.


We started off the weekend on Friday night with a Dinner hosted by Matt Domsch and his wife Celeste. The dinner was amazing and the conversation was fantastic. Matt cooks a mean steak and a yummy grilled portobello. We were all happy to have an opportunity to talk to him about his experience and he was very happy to give us good pointers for the festival.


There were more than 394 registered participants on Friday evening and many who paid at the door.   We provided a small amount of media for some non-profits and some 
My images are up on flickr, but I will post them on to the blog to have them blast by on the Planet Fedora. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, but I have to say a special thanks to Scott Collier, who picked up a lot of slack for me without a word.


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Apr. 12th, 2010 12:19 pm (UTC)
Great report!
It sounds like the first Texas LinuxFest was a smashing success! Thanks for the fantastic job you, Adam, and Scott all did to make it a superb event for Fedora and FOSS lovers in Texas. 400+ attendees means this event is off to a roaring start and I'm hoping I can make it to the 2011 edition. :-)
Apr. 12th, 2010 03:39 pm (UTC)
Nice post! Your approach on Broadcom is different from how I'd do it, though.

First I'd check if the card just works with F12 or F13; they include b43-openfwwf, an open firmware for the b43 driver. If not, then go with extracted firmware on b43 or the wl driver, but I'm not sure about the reference to DKMS. You wouldn't need it for the b43 driver (which is in-kernel), and the best way to get the wl driver is to get it from RPM Fusion, which uses akmods rather than DKMS.
Apr. 13th, 2010 03:12 am (UTC)
Re: Broadcom
Well, it isn't the driver we were most worried about. It was the firmware. We took it in the format in which it was offered. We did want to avoid ndiswrapper at all costs.

Edited at 2010-04-13 03:18 am (UTC)
Apr. 13th, 2010 04:04 am (UTC)
Re: Broadcom
That's even odder - there's no reason for firmware to be in a DKMS package? b43 firmware is just static files that go to /lib/firmware , they don't need to be compiled against anything...

oh well.
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